Monday, October 21, 2013

"It's On" Follow-Up 2: 3rd Wedding Anniversary!!


Our wedding day was beautiful. It was a sunny, warm day in October. There was a cool breeze. The fall colors were on display in full force. It was perfect. (It would have been perfect even if it were rainy or snowy, forty below zero, and hailing golf balls.) But, this was fantastic! After twelve years together, we finally were getting hitched! We were so excited for this day! It was taking place at our favorite place: The Cincinnati Art Museum with some of our favorite people. We had each other. And we were finally making it all official!!

Photographs courtesy of Mandy Paige Photography

We had such an amazing day and so many memories for years to come. We love being able to just take a day to walk through the art museum and reminisce about our wedding and the fun we had together with our friends and family. Here's what we did the day after our wedding: 

Yep! We went back to the art museum!! Seriously, we love it THAT much! It's become a yearly tradition to go to the museum on or around our anniversary to remember our special day together. Going there makes me happy. It makes me feel calm. It makes me feel centered and at peace. I love that place. We go a lot during the year, but close to our anniversary each year we make a special trip. This year we actually went a few weeks before our anniversary.

This Year's Anniversary

This year we couldn't actually take a day off together on our actual anniversary, so we decided to take the next Friday off together. We spent our traditional fun anniversary day off together! So this year, we actually celebrated a fun, low-key day-of anniversary and a fun, day-off anniversary too! Super fun!

Our actual anniversary was on a Wednesday. We decided to get take-out, get some good drinks, and spend the evening watching some of our favorite shows hanging out with the pups. 

We got Mekong Thai for dinner, a delicious Thai restaurant in Kenwood.

I got Yakisoba with chicken. Mmm-mmm. Bjorn got Massaman curry. Mmm-mmm, too! He was a happy Bjorn! Then we went next door to the Root Cellar to choose some new beer to drink with dinner. It is so fun in there! You can get lost in all the beer and wine to choose from! We always find something interesting to try when we go there. The staff is always helpful too in making suggestions and giving recommendations on different selections that you make :) 

Just a snap of one section of wine.

Here are just a few of the interesting finds we came across at the Root Cellar! We ended up choosing the Vanilla Porter and the Honey Kolsch in the yellow bottle. Yum! They were both great! 

Btw--thought the first picture was one of artichoke beer. Bjorn thought I was nuts. He informed me that those are hops. I informed him that I didn't know hops looked like artichokes :) You learn something new every day!

After dinner we hung out with the dogs and watched some tv. It was a great night!

Our Anniversary Celebration Day

Traditionally, we go to the zoo. Eat lunch. Do something different than we usually do. And spend the day together. 

This year we didn't really have a plan. We weren't sure if the weather would be nice, and we weren't really sure what we wanted to do. 

We ended up sleeping in, eating lunch at Nordstrom Cafe, going to the zoo, stopping by Casablanca Vintage in Northside, and ordered Kinneret Cafe for dinner (a Kosher/Vegetarian, Mediterranean restaurant in Deer Park).  We had a lovely day with wonderful weather!

New fascinator from Casablanca Vintage. Love! I'm going to hang them on the wall in old frames I found and make them wall art :) 

Here's to #8 on my Happy List!

8. Do something fun for our 3rd wedding anniversary!

We had an AWESOME day! It was so much fun! I love our tradition of having a fun celebration day for our anniversary. We are always going to continue this special tradition. It gives us something to look forward to that celebrates us and our relationship. It makes us happy. It makes me happy. And that's all that matters.

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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