Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ten Things That Have Made Me Happy

The past few weeks have been full of state testing at my school--my ELL students feeling overwhelmed, wanting to give up. It's been a rough three weeks, but I wanted to post about things that have made me happy these past few months because there has been a lot of long days, exhaustion, and struggles. It's nice to look back at the things that have made me smile and remember to continue to find little things to make me smile every day. 

Here are 10 things that made me happy over the past few months:

1.  Sending book love to my IG book friends :) A little over seven months ago, I started my Instagram bookshop (@hollysbooknook), and I am loving every minute of it! I have met so many new, bookish friends. They are so sweet. It is fun to share your love for something with people who have similar interests. Read on bookish friends! Love you all :)

Packages sent out from the shop.

2. Back in the Fall, I started using Young Living Essential Oils. I love them and believe in them so much that I became a Young Living Independent Distributor and a Lemon Dropper. 

One essential oil combination that I love so much is frankincense, lavender, and lemon. I use frankincense and lavender in my face moisturizer in the morning. At night I do the same, but add lemon. My skin has never been clearer! I have always suffered from acne as a teen and throughout my 20's and into my 30's. After starting this skin regiment, my skin is smoother, clearer, and my pores look smaller.

I love this combo so much that I ran out for two weeks while waiting to put my monthly order in. Let me tell you, I will never run out again! After those two weeks, my face started breaking out again! I'm finally back to using my oils everyday and my skin is starting to clear up again :) Thank you essential oils!

3. This winter weather has been crazy, but the snow is still beautiful. We had one whole week off from school because of snow and cold temperatures. It was craziness! But I do love the icicles that form on my carport and the front porch of my house. They sure are beautiful.

4. For Bjorn's birthday this year, we decided to try a mail order food service called Blue Apron. They send a box to your door each week complete with ingredients and recipes to cook healthy, delicious meals. My favorite part is that we get the shipment on Wednesday, and Thursday and Fridays are the days that Bjorn and I usually are so tired that we give in and order a pizza or get take out from somewhere. Well, not anymore! We get two amazing meals delivered to our door each week. They have not disappointed yet! Every week since, we have ordered two meals and plan the rest of our week as we normally do.

I have a few free meal codes that I can send to friends, so let me know if you would like to try one :) 

A salad combo Bjorn and I never created before. It's one of our new staples!
Cauliflower roasted in the oven with spices (your choice), arugula, almonds, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

5. Visiting Some of My Favorite People

I love when I get to see one of my very best friends since high school and her boys. I love them all to death. They are my family. It is so good to hang out with them and visit, catch up, and get lots of hugs and playtime in!

6. I started back to working out more regularly. 

I still go to Zumba when I can make it and when I don't have a migraine. I also started doing some of the 21 Day Fix Workouts for Strength Training on days when I don't do cardio.

7. I Re-Found My Childhood Love of Cross-Stitching

Downtown there is this amazing cross-stitching shop with fabulous, modern patterns and just a cool vibe in general. I found this pattern recently and just had to get it to make and hang in Bjorn's office. I'm a little rusty, so this may take me awhile. But I'm going to finish it!

The other side has a huge Viking ship!

8. New Tattoos

I'm always thinking of new ideas for new tattoos. So many ideas, but which one do I get first? I really want to add on to the Sugar Skull that my friend and I got together on Day of the Dead last year. I'm thinking of getting some sort of hummingbird with its skeleton visible around the skull and some big flowers. 

9. I Felt Pretty

On Valentine's Day I went to my sweet friend's wedding. It was beautiful. She was gorgeous. I felt pretty good too about my make-up and hair. Over the past year taking different medications trying to control my migraines, I have gained some weight. I have felt less confident about myself, and this night, I felt really great. 

10. My Nieces!! (Yes, I know one is a dog!!)

I love my nieces! Miss Olivia is so adorable and sweet. I want to see her, squeeze her little cheeks, give her kisses, and rock her to sleep so badly! I can't wait to go to Utah to visit Olivia and my sister, Ashley! Until then, Facetime will have to do.

My other sister, Rachael, recently got a new puppy, Scarlet. She's a big baby! On our week off from school, I took Scarlet out for Rachael a few times at lunch while she was at work. Scarlet loves when her Auntie comes over!

So many things have made my life full of happiness these past few months. 

What has made you happy?

Love and happiness <3 Holly