Hi, I'm Holly! I'm a Cincinnati girl, born and raised. I'm partial to the Cincinnati Bearcats basketball team. My dad was their biggest fan, but I never went to school at the University of Cincinnati! 

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Bjorn. We have two dogs, Rufus and Thor. We are both teachers, which makes for super fun summers together! 


I have two fabulous, younger sisters who might make guest appearance on my blog, so stay tuned! I love them so much! They are my B's! Long story...Maybe one day I'll tell that story on the blog :)

Rachael and I

Ashley and I

I love to read and think things through before I make decisions, but I know what I want most of the time before I do things. I did only try on one wedding dress before I knew that it was the one! I always do my homework! 

I have lived my whole life with OCD and anxiety. To me, it's nothing new. I know how to handle it now, but growing up, I thought everybody was like me. I didn't realize that I was different. Now that I know how to deal with my anxiety, life has gotten a lot easier. I'm branching out, doing new things, and learning to be happy again. 

I love to dance, be goofy with my sisters, and hang out on my couch with my hubby and my pups. I don't need a lot to be happy. I'm realizing that things don't always have to be perfect, and neither do I. I don't need to put so much stress on myself to be perfect. After all, perfection isn't possible, so why push myself to be that way?

I love to cook, I love fashion, and I love makeup too! Total girl! I hope you enjoy reading my blog :) Thanks for stopping by!

Love and happiness <3

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