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I write this blog as a place to motivate myself to find my happy again. In May of 2008, I lost my dad to a rare brain tumor. It was very sudden and very unexpected. Ever since then, my OCD and anxiety had gone into overdrive. I found myself not knowing who I was anymore and having a hard time coping with every day tasks. I would get overwhelmed easily and felt my anxiety and OCD creeping up into every aspect of my life and affecting how I was living.

Last Family Photo Before My Dad's Passing

Dad smiling even though he wasn't feeling great

I have had anxiety and OCD ever since I can remember, but after the passing of my dad, I realized that I needed help to get through this. I hadn't been able to grieve his passing, and I couldn't get myself back on track. Anxiety and OCD had taken ahold of me and had taken over my life. They were both always a big part of my life since I could remember, but they had become such an overwhelming burden that I couldn't bear it anymore.

Over the past few years, I have been trying to refind myself in this new life of mine without my dad and without OCD and anxiety ruling my life. I'm trying to find happy in the little every day things; that's why I named this blog "Finding My Everyday Happy." I needed a little push these past few years. This is my new goal: I am going to be happy again. It's always a work in progress, but I'm glad that I'm moving in this direction. Happiness is something that I used to take for granted. I never realized that one day it could be so hard to refind, but I'm working on it. Happiness comes from my perspective on life and what I make out of it, and I'm slowly learning how to get back my happy. I'm learning to be a little braver and a little more understanding with myself. Thanks for following my journey.

Here is a link to my first blog post explaining my journey and why I started my blog.

My Dad Acting Ridiculously :)

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