Thursday, September 26, 2013

Success #2: Just Hanging Out and Throwing Some Chicken into the Mix

Well, I have to say that I had a wonderful weekend and past few days. I’ve had some successes and some happy too! Let's start with things that have made me happy!

Happy #1: Just goofing around

I've just felt really happy this week. Me and Bjorn have been having fun, relaxing, and goofing around. It's been a blast!

Happy #2: My former students

Since I have my students for three years at my building, it's sometimes hard to see them move on. We get to know them, get to know their families, and become really close with some of them. They know us really well and we know them really well. I tutor a few of my former students who have moved on from my building. I am glad I still have the honor of seeing them grow and learn and become more proficient in English. 

This week I was tutoring one of my former students. In order to motivate him to complete some homework, I told him that I would try to put this block puzzle together as long as he worked on writing his summary, and I'd help him along the way. Of course my student loved this because I have never been able to complete this puzzle one time since I started tutoring him a year ago. 

This tutoring session must have been a magical day! After five minutes, I solved the puzzle! My student was somewhat impressed. He told me I could have solved it "a little bit faster." (I think he was referring to the year it took me to solve the puzzle.) I did remind him that I am an English teacher and not a puzzler-putter-together. He seemed unimpressed :( However, I am very proud of myself! My student did feel like this event did deserve to be documented with my iPhone :)

I do also love the cool school supplies that my Japanese students bring from Japan! This is my student's pencil pouch. I call it his pencil's "sleeping bag." It folds back up and zips like one!
Happy #3: Starting a new collection

I decided to start a little collection of historical figure busts because they make me think of my dad :).  I have them sitting scattered among my bookshelves. I think I may look for certain presidents my dad really loved like James Madison and other historical figures. He LOVED talking about presidents and history!! It'll be fun! So far I have Ben Franklin, JFK, Abe Lincoln, and Stephen Foster, a famous musician.

Happy #4: Fun teacher exchange

I sent out  my SLANTbox this week! Here's a picture of the card I made with my gift. I had my students write notes on the inside and outside in their languages! I'm so ready to sign up for next month! SLANTbox is a fun teacher exchange where you get to meet and get to know two different educators from across the country throughout the month. At the end of the month, you send one themed box of goodies to one teacher and you get a goodie box from the other! If you're interested in signing up for October, sign up now on Jameson's blog Lessons with Coffee! It's super fun!

Happy #5: Cooking with the Hubs
Bjorn and I have been cooking together more the last two weeks like we used to since I'm not always taking work home. We tried a new hard cider: Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple. It has a strong taste of cinnamon and is rather sweet, but I really like it! Bjorn thinks it's pretty good. I don't think he'll be drinking any more. :)

We also tried two new recipes from Claire Robinson's 5 Ingredient Fix. Buttermilk pecan-crusted chicken and cheesy penne. We used a mix of mild cheddar and Irish sharp cheddar with whiskey in the penne. We also stirred in fresh spinach at the end. Delish!!

The dogs LOVE when we cook, especially when we cut up veggies, so while we were cutting up veggies the other night, the dogs patiently waited (and begged!) for their veggies! They love carrots, cucumbers, radishes, and celery! Here's Bjorn giving them some lettuce! 

And now for the successes:

I touched some more chicken!! And…not one OCD thought popped into my head when I did! I don’t know if I was just having a great day, I was super tired, or who knows what, but who cares! I prepped and marinated some chicken in buttermilk for our delicious pecan-crusted chicken dinner. And then I cooked it with NO anxiety what so ever! I had a nice time cooking and listening to some fun music. Bjorn wasn't feeling well, so I was glad to make him dinner. Overall, a super success!
This is a happy face holding some raw chicken! I did open the package and touch the chicken!

Rachael and I went to the mall this past weekend. We went to just window shop and eat some Chick-fil-A. I used to never sit anywhere in the mall food court but in the back or on the side, where no one could see or notice me. I don't know why. Well, I do know why--it made me anxious!! I didn't like thinking people were starring at me or wondering why I ordered the food I did. But who cares? I realized I don't!! And I realized that's my OCD brain; no one cares about what I'm doing! Now that my anxiety is better, Rachael and I sit smack dab in the middle of the food court, chit-chat, eat, and it doesn't even phase me!

That's it for now! I've had a great week! I'll talk to you all later! 

Love and happines <3 Holly

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