Friday, December 20, 2013

Five (maybe ten) Minute Friday!! It's Friday!!

For today's Five Minute Friday, I'm trying something new! I recently bought a new book to give myself some great inspiration for my writing. It's called The Daily Spark: Poetry Warm-up Activities. The Barnes and Noble Bookseller in Kenwood is closing on December 31st, and if you have not been there recently, I suggest you go! They have so much on clearance, including educational books, and they're all 50% off! I picked this lovely book up, and I am so excited to use it today to spark my creativity.

So today I chose a prompt from Day #14, and it's all about zeugmas! What's that you say? Zeugma, what? I asked myself the same question, so today I will try my best to do this prompt justice. We'll see what happens!!

Here's the prompt:

                       "In the third line of his poem 'What the Gypsies Told My 
                        Grandmother While She Was Still A Young Girl,' Charles 
                        Simic uses a zeugma:

                        You'll chop onions and pieces of your heart into the same 
                        hot skillet.

                       A zeugma is a device in which one word applies to two nouns 
                       in different ways. In Simic's poem, 'chop' describes an everyday 
                       activity and acts as a painful metaphor. Another example of zeugma 
                       is 'He stole my money and my soul'" (p 14).

Come up with a zeugma of your own and use it in a poem. 


He had seen it coming.
She was done.
She didn't want this anymore.
She didn't want him anymore.
"I just can't live like this." 
Her explanation was less than stellar. 
It just pissed him off.
Three years, talk of marriage, sharing their home, and now--

She had cried no tears.
She was very matter of fact; 
just like her accountant voice he heard on the phone
when she answered her clients' calls.
Professional, calm, overly-attentive, fake.
She wanted no argument, no begging, nothing difficult.
But the hard truth was, she didn't want him.
She swallowed her wine and his hope along with it.

She would never stay.
It wasn't worth trying.
Nothing could be said.
He walked to the door and opened it wide.
She starred in amazement, as if he would have the nerve to do something so brazen.
She stomped out the door and on his pride.

Behind her, the door slammed. 
He couldn't stand the thought of her.
He drank the rest of the wine alone, swallowing each sip and his sorrow.
He was numb.
No thoughts in his head.
He sat drinking. 
He slept on the couch in his clothes with that bottle of wine.

In the morning, the sun roused him and his anger.
He began planning his next words to her--what he didn't get to say.
Everything he never got to say to her--three years of never-been-said.
Then the phone rang.
Out of habit, he picked it up and raised it to his ear.

"I don't know what got into me last night. I need to see you. I made a mistake. I'm sorry."

His blood boiled.
His mind raced.
His eyes filled with tears.
He threw the phone across the room.
His breath lightened and so did his heart.
No words needed.

I needed 10 minutes for this one!! Thus, the title change to Ten Minute Friday!!! Thanks for reading!! Happy weekend!!

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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