Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Winter Break is Over!!!! :0

Aaaggghhh! Tomorrow is my first day back to work after a two week break. Thank god it's a teacher workday. I put my grades in this weekend so that I can talk to some teachers that I work with about grades, work on some paperwork, and get ready for this week. I AM NOT ready to go back. It's hard after two weeks off to get back into the swing of things. 

I really want to be enjoying myself on the couch like this little guy instead of getting ready for my state ESL testing and so forth. Blech!

I had some great things happen over break! And I'm going to try to think of those things to get me through this {I'm predicting} long week. For one, my niece was born on January 2nd. She is super adorable, of course! Ashley, my sister, is doing well. My niece's name is Olivia Noelle. I really want to squeeze her cute, little cheeks, but she lives in Utah. :( Pictures and videos will have to do for now. 

I also got off to a great start on break by organizing my walk-in-pantry. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but I just haven't had the time to take everything out, deal with the mess, and reorganize everything. Now I just have to slap some labels on everything, and it will be good to go!

Please ignore the crate that needs to go to school minus the small plate 
and vintage cake pan. Gotta stick that crate in my car :)

Most of the bins, the hanging tray, the lazy Susan, and other organizational tools for this project, I picked up at the thrift store. There's a post on that one coming! You can find some great, inexpensive, organizational finds there! They don't always match color-wise, but hey, they get the job done!

Bjorn also got me some super cool attachments for my iPhone for Christmas, since I'm such a picture-taker. They're different lenses that attach by magnets over the lens of your phone that achieve different photo effects. Here's me testing out the fisheye lens. So cool! You can check out these lenses at Phtojojo.

This is mid-walk-in pantry organization. Boy, that was a crazy mess!

And let's just talk about a guilty pleasure that I've been dabbling in while I've been driving to and from the post office mailing clothes and books from my Instagram shops,: teeny-bopper music! Does anyone else love either of these two songs right now? I know, Bjorn is probably poo-pooing me and rolling his eyes {or shoving his fingers in his ears}, but these songs make me want to turn up the radio, sing really loud, and dance :) Evan, I know you're laughing at me too! ;)

I already know the words to this first one:

5 Seconds of Summer, "Perfect"

MKTO, "American Dream"

I mean, seriously, my 6th graders love 5 Seconds of Summer ;)

Overall, I had a really enjoyable break. Now I just have to find ways, with the stress of work and everyday life, to find ways to continue to relax, enjoy myself, and be happy throughout the rest of the school year. I think I'm off to a great start so far! 

To all my teacher friends, happy first day back to work!

Love and happiness <3 Holly


  1. Your niece is absolutely precious! Not to be left our, Remi is also pretty adorable! I'm jealous of your walk in pantry. We have zero storage space. Nathan bought be a baker's rack a few years back to try and help give us a little more storage. Downside of a smaller kitchen :(

    Happy New Year Holly!
    My Shoe String Life

    1. Thanks, Amanda! Remy is super adorable too ;) He's a sweetheart! The one thing I love about our horribly small kitchen with no cabinets is the walk in pantry! I guess it's one of those things that goes along withe having an old house :) You just have to deal with what's there! A baker's rack sounds like a great idea! I'm thinking of moving a few things around to put a small shelf or maybe a baker's rack next to our fridge--just so we can put some more things in there--I feel like I have to store random things in so many different rooms because we have a smaller house ;)

  2. What a cute niece you have! And I am admiring your organization. I wish I could be more organized!


    1. Thanks, Tif! I appreciate that! I probably get to go visit my sister and my niece in the summer (they're in Utah and I'm in Ohio). I can't wait to hold and hug her :) Organization is always difficult for me--it makes me feel so overwhelmed sometimes just thinking about getting everything together and tearing it apart first to put it back together ;) I just decided to take baby steps and get things done when I can <3 Have a great night!


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