Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Mess

It's time for another Five Minute Friday! I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker to write for 5 Minutes straight. No planning, no worrying, no hyper-editing--just writing! There are so many wonderful people who link up to share their writing on Lisa-Jo's blog. You should check it out!

Five Minute Friday

This week's topic is mess. Here's what I came up with:


Honestly, my life is a big, hot mess.

A big, fat mess of headaches, headaches that cause anxiety, emotions, exhaustion, stagnancy.

Springtime is not my happy.

This time of year always brings me down.

Another school year over, drained and needing some down-time.

Relief from migraines.

Time to process grief that has not yet passed.

For some reason, this year, I feel a little more down.

Not necessarily cry-my-eyes-out sad.

Just can't-get-up-and-moving-just-make-it-through-the-day sad.

Pushed to my limits emotionally, I want to crawl into bed and sleep,

but the show must go on.


Keep repeating over and over (I'm good at this):

And this too shall pass.


Thanks for stopping by! I needed to write tonight. Happy weekend everyone :)

Love and happiness <3 Holly


  1. Ah, yes, we're all a hot mess! I love how writing it down can help us sort through some of the mess. Or maybe not even sort through it - just writing it down lightens the load somehow. Hope you have a restful weekend!

    1. Jayna, I know, right?!? Writing has always helped me. I've written poems or written in a journal since I can remember. It definitely does help to lighten the load just getting it off my chest! Thanks so much! I did get a lot of rest :)

  2. I am the opposite. Winter is my sad. But we can overcome!

  3. I do usually get sad in winter. I think it's lack of Vitamin D from the sun. Thanks for the kind words, Heather!!


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