Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tried It Tuesday

Hey, everybody! I've got some great finds for today! I won't blab a bunch about anything, but get straight into it! I hope you've had a great June so far! I'm excited to get back into a regular blogging schedule, and I have some great blog ideas in the works! Here's to another Tried It Tuesday! Happy Tuesday, and happy almost Hump Day!


Annie's Frozen White Cheddar Shells with Chicken

I tried Annie's shells with butternut squash, and they were delicious! This was also a fantastic find! For a quick dinner with a side salad, this is an excellent choice! I found this frozen entree (as well an Annie's shells with butternut squash) at Target in the frozen food section. It was well worth the $7.99 price tag, especially because I did NOT feel like cooking that night!

Ice Breakers Watermelon Mints

I LOVE these mints! They are so refreshing! I'm not a big mint person, and I don't chew gum either (it gives me migraines). I do, however, love these! I'm on my second package, and that is saying something! I really enjoy the mint and watermelon combination. They are perfect for summer! I buy mine at the checkout at Target or Kroger.

Dee Felice Craft Bourbon Marinara

Tonight Bjorn and I made a simple meat sauce with mushrooms over pasta for dinner. I wanted a different kind of marinara sauce, not my typical flavors. I looked around the pasta sauce aisle and found the brand Dee Felice. I ended up buying their Bourbon Marinara. It is fantastic! It has a subtle sweetness from the bourbon to it that is perfect with a meat sauce. It was also only $5.99, so it wasn't super-duper over-the-top expensive. I bought it at Kroger. I can't find any info on it on the web; I'm wondering if it's an exclusive sold only at Kroger in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Dee Felice is a Cajun cafe in Covington, Kentucky. They started selling their creole sauces and also their marinara sauces. To check out the cafe's website, click here.


Dogfish Head Festina Peche

I like Dogfish Head, and when I saw they had a peach flavor for the summer, I had to try it! It has a subtle hint of peach and is very refreshing. I really like it for a summer beer. It's not sweet or "fruity" per say. It has a nice, light summer ale taste. 


I am really good at drinking water at work. In the summer, however, I tend to forget. And I need to drink water. For my migraine medication to work, to keep my migraines at bay, and for general health reasons. So in order to make myself want to drink water when I have more time to think about how blah it tastes, I started buying cucumbers and strawberries to cut up and throw into my tumbler to make it taste festive! Here's to drinking lots of water this summer!


I LOVE Rimmel London's BB Cream for the summer. I haven't used it a lot lately, but I pulled it out once it got hot again. I forgot how much I love this make-up! I used it last year in Flordia as my go-to, when I was at Disney World, in Naples, and in a really hot climate in general (hello humid Cincinnati!). Not once did my foundation melt down my face or smear. This BB cream stays put and gives good, buildable coverage.  I also feel, once blended, that this BB cream really matches my true skin tone. I am in the shade "Light."

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve

I especially love this salve in the summer. It is super hydrating and refreshing on my lips. I also rub it on my extra dry skin on my hands, my cuticles, and my elbows. My favorite part about it is that it smells like roses! I love roses! I bought this for $5.50 at Bath and Body Works. I think I bought one last summer, and I still have it! A little goes a long way!

 Rose Salve - C.O. Bigelow - Bath & Body Works


I've been listening to a lot of calm, chill music lately, especially on the David Gray channel on iTunes radio. Here are a few of my favorites that I haven't listened to in awhile, but rediscovered through this channel:

Paolo Nutini, "Autumn"

Amos Lee, "Skipping Stone"

Rachael Yamagata and Ray LaMontagne, "Oh Lover"

Matthew Perry Jones, "Save You"

That's all I've got for this week's Tried It Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried anything new this week?

Love and happines <3 Holly

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