Friday, April 3, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Thrifted Finds

There is no denying that I love thrifting. I call it "the thrill of the hunt." I love not knowing what treasures are waiting to be found on a good thrift hunt. One important thing to keep in mind while thrifting, however, is that you have to keep an open mind. You can always change thing, get them altered, or wear them in unconventional ways. The same goes for housewares. You don't have to use them for their intended purpose. Think outside the box and get creative :) That's the fun part! Here are a few of my favorite thrifted finds over the past few years.

Clothing and Accessories

I found this adorable ivory button-down shirt for $2.99. It has a funky, western feel to me with that button on the collar. But by rolling up the sleeves, adding a fitted vest, some chunky jewelry, and black skinny dress pants, I felt like I looked pretty cute! What a deal :)

I also found this AMAZING, vintage Coach cross-body purse. It is my go-to when I'm going out or going shopping. The best part is that I scored this beauty for $4.99! It's the perfect size for a small wallet, my phone, and any other small odds and ends that I need. Many times, the more "expensive items" at a Thrift Store (worth more money) are in a glass case or behind a counter where you have to ask to see an item. There are some times, however, where a gem of an item gets missed (there is a lot of inventory going through a thrift store; it's easy to miss something if you don't know what you're looking for). Keep an eye out for gems like these. I've found some pretty great finds that I've scored for $.99 to $5, but are worth much more than that!

I've also gotten a lot of use out of vintage sweaters. This one I found for $3.50. I've worn it for casual days with jeans and over dresses. It is super comfy and in great condition. It's funny because at the time, I saw a similar sweater at Target that was 8 to 9 times the amount of this thrifted find.

sweater from

If you go thrifting with outfit ideas, colors, or items in mind that you would like, it is sometimes easier to sift through the many, many items laid out in the store (it can be overwhelming). You may not find what you're looking for the first time, but eventually, you'll find something similar to what you are looking for!

I had this gray maxi skirt for awhile and didn't have a shirt that looked good with it. I wanted a shorter shirt, but a lot of those available that I found would have shown my stomach. I was not about to bear my midriff! Instead, I found this shirt a few sizes larger than I wear. The way that this shirt is cut, it most likely, in my size, would have been a midriff revealing top. I'm glad I found one a little bigger that came right to the top of my skit. I thought they looked perfect together and no tummy gap! Sometimes it helps to look in other sizes that you wouldn't typically search through at regular stores. You never know what you may find: an over-sized, slouchy sweater to wear with skinny jeans, a nice, comfy flannel, or a boyfriend blazer. 

At first, I wasn't sure if I liked this dress. It looked a little dated on its own. But when I paired it with a belt and a leopard print sweater, it looked great! Sometimes thinking outside the box, especially about styling your finds, will have you try out different styles and trends that you may not have before. 

One item I love to find thrifting is a good fascinator! I am in love with these little gems. Not that I wear them out anywhere, but I do collect them and have some I'd like to hang on the wall. 

Odds and Ends

I also love finding busts that I use to decorate my house. I use them as bookends and shelf decorations. My dad loved presidents, and having these around, make me happy. I smile when I see them because I think of him. So far I've found an amazing Eleanor Roosevelt bust in addition to these above!

I also love to find vintage art. I have found a few great pieces to decorate my house. The woman who sold this piece to me asked if I was going to use this to decorate for Halloween! I was like, "What?!!?" I told her that I was going to hang it in my living room. My sister thinks she's creepy, but I think she's fabulous!

I've also found many a thrifted piece of furniture for my house. This desk is one score that I absolutely love and use almost every day. I got it for $40. I've also found another desk, a few chairs, a few side tables, and some other odds and ends. Maybe I'll do a post about the things that I've found around my house :) Never pass up the furniture if you're looking for it. I've found some great deals thrifting!

Thrifting is a great way to find unique items to wear or for your home. It may take some time, some digging, and some patience, but if you're up for it, you should try it!

What are your favorite things to thrift?

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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