Saturday, February 1, 2014


Tonight I'm linking up with sweet Allison at a Nestful of Love for her Hello/Goodbye Link up for the month of February. 

Nestful of LOve

January was a weird month: we had a bunch of snow days and some 2 hour delays. I feel like my teaching schedule is all wack-a-doo. I know my students feel it too. 

I started some new headache medication that has made me feel super exhausted and just kind of all out blah most of the month. It left me out-of-sorts; I kind of still feel that way. And it left me having to find a new neurologist to continue my migraine journey with because the doctor I had and loved left the practice she was with for a new and exciting adventure in her career.  

It was overall just a crazy month, and I am ready to get back into a sense of normalcy. I did, however, feel a little productive this month with some things I've gotten accomplished--some little things, mind you, but I am proud of myself for doing some small things that made me feel great! It's always the little things. 

So here are some things that I'll be saying Hello and Goodbye to this month...

Hello new scarves and layers, goodbye wearing my winter coat at work (it is so cold)!


Hello delicious, new flavors of tea! 


Hello getting organized, goodbye not knowing what to do with small cabinet spaces.

Hello inexpensive snow boots (thanks TJ Maxx), goodbye wearing Bjorn's black slip on shoes to take the dogs outside.


Hello going to Zumba like normal again, goodbye feeling exhausted from my new headache regimen.

Hello new artwork hanging on the walls!! Goodbye piles of picture frames waiting to be hung.
Hello new dining room decorations, goodbye empty spaces.

Hello Bjorn's birthday!
Hello fun birthday plans!

Hello to more date nights: I can't wait to see The Monuments Men!!

Hello Season 4 of The Sopranos, Goodbye Season 3. I can't get enough of you!!

Hello cute, homemade Valentines, goodbye forgetting Valentine's cards this year.
Hello fun new cupcake flavors, goodbye holiday flavors.
Hello cute fortune cookie erasers for my sweet students.


(I bought these erasers at Target and found this craft from Melissa at Momma<3Miss. Her blog is amazing! I am loving it right now!)

Hello getting back into reading, goodbye feeling too tired at night to do anything.

Hello new candle scents, goodbye empty ones (I am totally a candle addict!).

Hello new February art journal, goodbye first art journal of the year. 

Hello trying out a new craft, goodbye worrying that I won't be able to complete one!


I'm ready February; bring it.

Love and happiness <3 Holly


  1. What a weird month January was! I totally feel you on getting back to normalcy. I started a new job then got switched to a different grade just before we missed 3 school days due to wintry weather...craziness! Here's to a normal February!

    Sarah Beth
    Miss White's Classroom

    1. Oh my gosh, Sarah Beth! That is truly craziness! I wish you a more normal February too!! Congrats on your new job though! Did you have to move for your job or is it close to where you live? Sending you lots of love this month!! <3 Holly

  2. I feel you on my plans for school being all wack-a-doo! I never thought I would NOT want anymore snow days! But if we do have another one this week, I think I need to try that orange tea! I've been out of the routine with Zumba too, but started back up again last week. Hope to see you there soon. Thanks for linking up. :)

    1. If you try the orange tea, let me know if you like it! Private Selection Tea has had some great new kinds! I will definitely see you back at Zumba! I had been going back, but the last week I didn't and now I feel off. It will feel good to go back!! Have a great week!

  3. those tea flavors sounds good. i might have to give them a try. hopefully this snow and cold starts moving on out and start seeing some spring-like weather soon! i'm soo tired of the cold!

    1. I hope the cold moves out too! We just got some more snow today, and I'm so tired of it! I'm ready for some spring!!


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