Saturday, February 22, 2014

Love Life Project: A Week in Pictures

As many of you know, one reason that I started this blog was as inspiration to find my happy in every day life. One way I've been trying to reach this goal is by documenting the little joys of everyday through pictures. I got the idea from Jenny and her blog Wonderfully Complex not too long ago, and I love an idea her idea about remembering to find little things every day that are meaningful and beautiful in your life. Hello!! Talk about helping a girl reach her goal! She documents the little things she finds to be happy about in her life on Instagram (@jennyfish10) with the hashtag #lovelifeproject. I decided to join her in her quest. You can check out some of my most recent #lovelifeproject posts on Instagram here

Here are the small moments that made me smile over the past two weeks:

February 10th

ESL Student's Writing: It's a great day to be a "magic frower"!

February 11th

Texting my sissy crazy selfies!

February 12th

Little, sweet baby boy "N" was born to my bestie! Love you two!

February 13th

Snuggles with my Rufie potato-head.

 February 14th

A sweet student brought me a Valentine's Day rose.

February 15th

Student's vocabulary homework. I would totally fight over that!

February 16th

Watched an amazing girl rock out her dance competition!

Late night talks with Thor-Thor.

February 17th

Finding funny math pictures to text Rachael because she's a math nerd :)
(My sister is a biostatistician.)

February 18th

Laughing at crazy pictures, trying to make myself feel better when I'm sick.
Doesn't work too much :-/ But it still helps even if it's a tiny bit!

February 19th

My students are such good artists!

February 20th

Quick dinner saves the day! Pizza quesadillas! Mmmmm!

 February 21st

Delicious late-night snack!

February 22nd

 Geese on patrol at the mall. I wonder if that's a minimum wage job? Definitely has to have great benefits, though! Those are some dangerous heights!

And that was my past two weeks completing the #lovelifeproject. 

I've realized that I've really loved looking at my week in little moments. And by documenting little things during my day, I can sit down later and remember all the things that made me smile. And after two weeks, I laugh at some of the things I found in my phone. It's been a fun journey so far. I'm definitely going to keep it up!

So, who's in? Anybody else want to join?

Love and happiness <3 Holly


  1. What a great idea!! I'm gonna try it:) I know there's an app called project 365 where you can take a picture everyday and keep it all in one place. Loved the Lil Wayne pic haha and your dog is adorable:) I bet your students keep you entertained!! Great post:)

    1. Maddie, it's really so much fun! That app sounds so fun!! I'm totally checking it out! Thanks so much! My dogs crack me up! My students definitely keep me entertained! I am going to start writing down all the things that they say and ask me! They are so much fun! I love looking back and smiling about the cute things they say :) Thanks for stopping by!!


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