Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tried It Tuesday!

It's the night before school starts back for teacher work day <insert small scream here> and this face:

I know once all my little lovelies get to school, I'll feel like this:

I do miss them over the summer :) And I know most of them are excited to come back to school! I love having many of my students for three years! It's fun to watch them grow and get to know their families over the years! I'm excited to have them back. It's just hard to go back. I know you know what I mean, teachers!

So anywho, here are some new finds from this past week!


Has anyone noticed how I always start with food? Well, I did! And I do love some good food!

BBQ Sauce

Bjorn and I like to try new BBQ sauces. We don't eat a lot of it, but in the summer, it's fun to try new flavors. It kills my acid reflux if I eat to much of it! We recently tried Guy Fieri's Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce. He has different flavors available, but we tried the Bourbon Brown Sugar flavor. There were only three available at our Kroger. This sauce is delicious! It has a sweet, but not too sweet taste from the molasses and brown sugar and then an awesome, subtle bite from the bourbon! To me, this is the perfect BBQ sauce for me and Bjorn! We always debate over sweet, spicy, and the bite it has, but we both love this one!


I came across these delicious cookies by chance while picking up dinner for Bjorn and I last week. Fresh Market boxes some of their thin baked, fresh and natural cookies and sells them in the cookie aisle of their store. They are all natural, and they even have gluten free flavors! I ended up buying the Irresistibly Good Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were seriously that good! One cookie only has 50 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 4 grams of sugar. I decided I don't feel too badly about eating one of them! They have flavors like The Chipless Wonder, Ginger, and Peanut butter among others. 

Cucumber Soup

You know how you have a favorite recipe and you just forget about it for awhile? Then you make it and think, Why did I ever stop making this? Bjorn and I used to make this refreshing cucumber soup all the time in the summer (and winter too--it's that good!). It's cold, creamy, fresh, and delicious! Sometimes when we want a light dinner, we'll eat this soup with crudites or crudites with meats and cheeses. So yummy!

Here's a link to the recipe. 

Chilled Cucumber Soup With Salami, Feta, and Olives

Have fun with your soup!

# Sometimes we do not add jalapeno. Sometimes we'll only add 1/2-1 jalapeno.
# Instead of basil, you can add dill. 
# Don't forget the lime! It really brightens the flavor!
# We don't always seed the cucumbers :) And we leave the skin on. Just blend very well!
# We usually do NOT put scallions. I like it better without.


Bjorn recently saw the movie Guardians of the Galaxy with one of his friends. Alicea, I am so happy our husbands have each other to go with, so we don't have to! Next time, we should do something with your little ones while they go to a movie ;)  Bjorn told me that I had to listen to the soundtrack because I would love it! I have to tell you, it is sooo good! It is such a great mix of awesome 70s and 80s hits. I was singing along to the whole thing! Here's a track list to the soundtrack:

Disc: 1
1. Hooked On a Feeling (Blue Swede)
2. Go All the Way (Raspberries)
3. Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum)
4. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie)
5. Fooled Around and Fell in Love (Elvin Bishop)
6. I'm Not in Love (10cc)
7. I Want You Back (Jackson 5)
8. Come and Get Your Love (Redbone)
9. Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)
10. Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song) (Rupert Holmes)
11. O-O-H Child (The Five Stairsteps)
12. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell)

TV Show

I love the show Impractical Jokers. Does anyone else watch? It is sooo funny! The show stars 4 high school friends who try to get each other to do crazy things in front of other people who don't know that they're filming a comedy show. Here's a clip from the show. It's on TruTV Thursday nights. It cracks me up!

Just to let you know before you watch this: the bride and groom are in on this, but none of their wedding guests are until after the speech. They have no idea who this guy is. 

I also really love Motor City Masters, where contestants compete to be the best car designer for GM. They compete in challenges individually and as teams (designing and updating cars in challenges) each week to win, and someone gets voted off each week. It's such a cool tv show! And I love this judge's, Jean Jenning's, style! You can watch it on TruTV as well. 


Ah, a woman after my own heart :)

Have you tried anything new this week?

Lots of love <3 Holly

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