Friday, November 29, 2013

A Week Full of Joy #2

This was a super, short week for me! Since school was finished for the week on Tuesday, I have a long, five day break to relax and recoup before heading back on Monday. Basically, all I did was nap on-and-off on Wednesday afternoon. I don't know what my deal is. I haven't been sleeping well. I've had a couple of weird anxiety days, and I've just been tired. It is nice to have a break to catch up on some things that I've been neglecting at home and relaxing to try to have some more energy once school starts back next week!

Here are some things that have been making me joyful the past week:

Happy #1: Family

Since this is the obvious one for the week, I thought I'd start out with Thanksgiving! This year, we ate an early Thanksgiving lunch at my mom's house and then headed over to Bjorn's parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner. I am so thankful for family! We had a day filled with cooking, good food, laughing, and relaxing. Here are a few pictures from the day:

Rachael waiting for me to do her hair. We need a smaller curling iron!

Bjorn and Mom discussing important Thanksgiving strategy. Webster unpacking the turkey.

This girl. My little Bella. Don't worry, Rach. I will send you this picture!

Seriously, these are the only pictures I have of Rachael practically!

Rachael starting her buttercream icing for her pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes.

Can she read a candy thermometer? I hope so!

And the yawning begins!
Rachie and Sean

Belly and her Sean :)

Thanksgiving Photo Booth


This Thanksgiving weekend I also got to see some of my cousins, who always make me smile! We met at Chuy's in Kenwood, a Tex-Mex restaurant that is fairly new to the area. We had a great time! I love seeing my cousins. It's like time never passes when we get together--we just pick up where we last left off. We laugh until our sides hurt and catch up until next time. Can't wait to see you all again!!! Love you!

 Me and Emily!! Can't wait to meet Baby #2!

Emily and Brain

Me, Emily, Heather, Sarah, and Rachael

Heather and Sarah

Happy #2: Hanging out with my sis!

Rachael and I do a lot of random things, but no matter what, they always end up being a blast! We were so looking forward to getting together the other night. We both had a bad week and couldn't wait to see each other for a night of randomness! Our night started with dinner at Fresh Market, a walk around the mall, and then TJ Maxx. It was super fun!

Entering Fresh Market, this wine hit on us. We were flattered.

Rachael's double fire roll or dragon fire roll. Something like that.

She likes it a lot.

Fresh Market gettin' fancy with fresh roses on the table. For realsies.

At the mall, we saw a car that looked like Ashley's in Utah. We text her and asked if she drove to Ohio to walk around the mall with us. She didn't. : (

Our goal was to find Rachael new kicks for going back to Zumba. She didn't find any : ( Holly's reason: she is extremely picky and particular (love alliteration!).

Rachie has a work Christmas party coming up. I told her she HAD to wear these shoes!! She said, "No."

Crazy Things I Make My Sister Do At TJ Maxx

Rachael found a new friend.

She also found a gigantic crab. Delicious!

She's practicing her veterinary skills!

In the end we had a GREAT time! Rachael did not find shoes, but we both got a new make-up palette to try out! We've never owned make-up palettes before. We got two holiday specially priced palettes from Sephora; Rachael got Nars Limited Edition One Night Stand Palette, and I got Kat Von D's Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book.

Rachael is unsure of the picture chosen for the front of her palette!

Inside Rachael's palette: picture from

I knew Rachael would love this palette when I saw it, so I told her about it. She LOVES blush! This palette has one of my all time favorite blush colors: Orgasm (top right). I bought the liquid version of it a long while ago. It is a little pricey, but I still have half of the bottle left. It gives you a nice peachy, dewy glow on your cheeks. Really pretty color.

Inside of Kat Von D's Spellbinding Palette: picture from

I LOVE wearing colorful eyeshadow, and I think these colors are beautiful! I have tried out some of the blues so far, and they are so pretty! Can't wait to try more!

Happy #3: Pioneer Woman

Monday evening, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, and I went to Joseph Beth Booksellers to meet Ree Drummond, the Pioneer woman! She is so sweet in person! We ended up waiting quite a while to see her. I found out a little late that she was coming, so we didn't order our books to get signed until last week. It was worth the wait! We chatted about how we just made her salsa and couldn't keep it in the house. She was friendly and funny. It was a great time!

Happy #4: Snuggles

My puppies are always good at making me feel happy :) I love their cuddles and snuggles. They know how to brighten my day after a long day at work! They're loving that we're off for five days!

Happy #5: Still Reading

I finally got my reading stride back and have been really enjoying some books I recently picked out from the library. This has been me the last few days:

Here are some books that I have lined up to read next:

her is a memoir written about the life of one identical twin after the other dies of a heroin overdose at the age of 28. The book shows girls' relationship growing up and discusses how it changes as they age. One twin is traumatically raped which greatly affects her relationship with her sister. After the death of one twin, the other's life is completely changed. To read more about this book click here.

Mockingbird tells the story of a girl named Caitlin, who is ten years old. She sees everything in black and white because she lives with Asperger's syndrome. A tragedy strikes her family, and Caitlin is forced to try to cope with it in her own way. To read more about this book and it's author, click here

It's been a great week of relaxing, family, friends, laughter, and happy. I hope you have had a week full of joy too. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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