Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday!!! I'm Back :)

Well, hello all! I took a little break from writing. No excuses--just life, you know? So I decided to start back with this week's Five Minute Friday! I found this great website with a numbered list of ideas/prompts to write about. The website is called Creative Writing Prompts and you can access it here. It looks like there are tons of fun ideas to write about!  I randomly chose a number, and here's what I came up with...drum roll please (insert drum roll here)......and the topic for this Friday is:

#88: Write about a time when you and another person (a sibling) bonded

Me and Rachael: photograph Mandy Paige Photography

Over my spring break from college one year, I ended up staying at home with my younger sister, Rachael. I was in essence her babysitter for the week. She was six years my junior. So as a twenty-one year old junior, my little, baby sister was a fifteen year old, high school student--such a youngin'. My parents were off to take my middle sister, Ashley, on a road trip to Utah on a college visit. Rachael was not going to stay by herself for the week, so we were left to our own devices. We had a week of fun activities planned. Until, of course, my poor baby sister got sick.

Rachael ended up with a sinus infection. Sinus infections are something us Gilbert girls are quite accustomed to, so we knew we needed to her to the doctor ASAP before it got a lot worse. Our week turned into a a doctor's appointment followed me taking care of my little sister and just hanging out at home.

The day of her doctor's appointment, we decided to stop for lunch afterwards. We ended up at ruby Tuesdays when it still existed in Kenwood Mall.

Rachael was hungry. Gilbert girls have this hangry issue that cannot be ignored for long, so she needed to eat. We become monsters if left without food for sustained periods of time and our blood sugar drops too low. On top of a sinus infection, this is a serious issue. 

Lunch was going well until my dear sissy told me she felt a little nauseous. 

"I think I feel sick to my stomach," Rachael moaned quietly. 

Lord help us, I thought to myself.

"Let's just wrap your food up and go home." I knew we needed to get out of there as quickly as possible. I tried to remain calm so my sissy would stay calm. When Rachael feels nauseous, it can go one of two ways: bad or really bad. I was hoping this was not a really bad situation.

I asked our high school-aged waiter for the check and started counting the seconds that he was gone.  I checked the clock. Nope still gone. I started thinking, We are the only people in this restaurant! What is taking him so long?!?!?! And also wondering how I was going to explain the puke in the booth to him was not a fun five minutes of my life.

While waiting, Rachael sipped on her fruity-flavored iced tea. Ruby Tuesdays does make a good fruit-flavored iced tea. As she set her glass down on the table, I noticed that there was a funny, pinkish tint to her glass. Oh my god! I thought. This might not go over so well.

"Hey, Rach. Don't drink anymore tea. Let's just go."

She looked at me quizzically. And, of course, she turned her cup around. Down the side of her glass was a huge streak of strawberry milkshake that was not completely washed and removed from the previous customer's glass. Her jaw dropped opened in shock, extremely grossed out by the realization of what she had just been drinking. 

"Rach, it's okay. We're going to go." I again tried to stay calm. But I myself wanted to throw up a little after thinking about what she just drank. I knew what was going on in her head. I was just hoping she wasn't actually going to in the middle of the restaurant.

Our server finally brought our check back. I held Rachael's glass up in his face. "You should really wash your glasses better." We were out of there.

On the way home I said a little prayer that Rachael didn't get sick in my car. Wow...that would've been a lot of super-duper babysitting responsibilities!!!

When we got home, I had Rachael lie down. Being the good sister that I was, I made her a virgin mudslide to drink to make her aching throat feel better. "Don't tell mom I made you that." 

"Okay," she replied taking a sip. She made a disgusted face as she swallowed the slushy drink. "Eeww. It's gross anyways. Does it taste any better with alcohol?"

"Nope. It doesn't."

That was more like a 10 minute writing, but there it is!! It's good to be back!!!

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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