Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday and an Update

Five Minute Friday

Writing Session #3

It has been such a long week. Emotionally tiring. Sad. One of my students, with whom I am close with (and her family) has been going through a lot this week. They have been going through a lot the past few months, but this past week has been extremely heartbreaking and difficult. It's just hard knowing what they're going through and wishing you could do more--you know what I mean? It's so hard knowing that people are hurting who you care about.

But they're hanging in there; they are strong people and they will get through. 

For this Five Minute Friday. I chose a picture for inspiration--I don't have a lot of energy left this week for creativity, so we'll see what happens. Here's my inspiration and prompt idea from the blog Write with Pictures:

Write a Haiku...

Life of a Peacock

Rays of color fly
as feathers unfold widely.
Bold, glorious, bright.

Children grab. People
oohh and aahh. I just need to
stretch my tired plumes.

Only able to 
open my feathers at night.
Stop following me!

There's my haiku for the night! Hope you enjoy! If you write a haiku about the peacock picture above, comment below! I'd love to read your haikus!

"It's On Update"

I Reached A Goal!!!!!

I used my crockpot!!!! I am so proud of myself! I have used it twice in the past two weeks. I have been using it to make dinner one night, and then I use the leftovers in sandwiches and wraps and things for lunch (since I gave up lunch meat as one of my possible headache "trigger" foods). 

I don't know if I was tired or what, but I didn't even worry about having it plugged in! And I was SO happy to have dinner reading when I got home! I used it to make beer chicken this week and last week I made french dip sandwiches. So good!!

I already have a crockpot dinner planned for next week!

I guess I can cross 16. Try a new recipe every week + use my crockpot at least once!! off my list! I even tried 2 new recipes each week. 

Yay for crossing things off my Goal List!! To read about my goals, click here.

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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