Monday, June 22, 2015

Starting to Meditate

One of my goal's has been able to meditate on a daily basis for a few minutes, in order to have a clearer mind, less stress in my life, and less anxiety. I've tried a few different times to sit quietly, clear my head, and just "be." It is definitely not as easy as I thought it would be, especially with an anxious mind that is always running. I can not usually turn my head off in the summer; I'm always thinking what I "need" to do next or what I "could" be doing next.

And, thus, the reason that I want to start meditating. 

This past year has been challenging in itself with stress: I started a new migraine treatment, I had a crazy year at work with the most new students I've ever gotten before Christmas break, and I went through a debilitating bought with depression. To say the least, last year wasn't my favorite year, but I want to come back to feeling a sense of peace with myself and my life. A calmness, an okay-ness with just living life every day and just being me.

So here are my goals for meditation this summer:

I thought I could use some help getting started, so I found this great book in my friend's Instagram bookshop @littleseasideshop:

I am super excited to dive into this one. The book offers a modern approach to meditation and touts a more simple look at beginning meditation. I'm hoping it can help me start meditating quickly and help me maintain daily meditation. I'm starting this book next, so I can't wait to see where it takes me.

One other thing I am doing is being more mindful of what I am doing in my down time. It's so easy to turn on the television or radio as background noise while I'm blogging, writing, or reading. The last few weeks, I've been purposefully turning off the "noise" and just being--sitting in the quietness. It is quite relaxing and peaceful. I am going to continue to do this every day: allow for quietness and stillness in my life.

I also created a Pinterest Board with some interesting pins about meditation, yoga, and relaxation. I am going to continue to find helpful pins to add to this board throughout the summer. If you'd like to follow my meditation board on Pinterest, you can click here

I'll post an update once I get into meditating and share my successes and pitfalls. Wish me luck, relaxation, and a peaceful mind! ;)

Have you ever tried to meditate? What problems have you had? What have you found to work for you?

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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