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32 Things That Make Me Happy: Link-Up!

Today I'm linking up with Two Thirds Hazel and Venus Trapped in Mars for their 32 Things that Make Me Happy Link-Up! Their goal was to focus on positive things in their lives that make them happy instead of sitting down and dwelling on the negative. They talked about how easy it is to sit and think of how annoyed you can be with all the little things that go wrong in your day-to-day life, so instead, we're writing about 32 things that make us incredibly happy! So here are my 32 mostly random and very interesting things that make me over-the-moon happy :)

Venus Trapped in Mars

1. The fact that I have known my husband since high school. I think he knows absolutely everything there is to know about me!

Bjorn taking me to homecoming junior year in high school!

Halloween and Jessica and Tommy's old house (I should never be a blonde!).

At our friends' wedding

2. My family is amazing. All of them--my sissies, my mom, extended family, my in-laws. Love them all, including my puppies!

3. Poutine. If you have never tried poutine, you are missing out. Go to Brewriver. Please order poutine. Do not think of the amount of calories in this dish. Just enjoy!

4. German everything: the people, the country, the culture, the language, the traditions! Ich liebe Deutsch!

5. Finding great deals! I love thrifting and I am a total sale shopper! I never buy full price, right Rachy?!?

6. Smiling at Strangers. I really do love smiling at people I don't know, saying hello, and asking people how they're doing! It puts me in a great mood! And I also get a lot of people to talk to me that way! We strike up small interesting conversations. It's kind of fun, and it's weird that the social anxiety girl loves to do this too! But I do!!

7. These pants! I don't know what to call them! I love these pants! I have them in a black and white check pattern and got them for $12! These are a new arrival, but I have a coupon, so I'm totally picking them up! I love a floral print, and they're so comfy!!

8. Coffee. I love coffee. I have to drink decaf for my headaches. It's okay. My heart doesn't race when I drink decaf. Positive for my heart <3.

9. Winged Eyeliner. Oh my gosh! This is totally my favorite make-up trend. I have gotten a lot better at it since I've started wearing it last summer! It is my favorite go-to eye look!

10. Bookstores: the more old book smell, the better! My all-time favorite used bookstore is in Sarasota, Florida. There is an old record store on the top floor. It is super amazing. I can't remember the name of it, but it completely my favorite! 

11. Foot massages and just massages in general. I get massages for my headaches, and I recently asked the lady who massages me if she could help me out with some pain in my feet because I have planter fasciitis that acts up every now and then. Total heaven!

12. French Kiss: I know that sounds strange to admit on my blog, but I mean the movie with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Have you ever seen this movie? It is awesome! I love it! My mom, my sisters, and I can quote most lines from the movie. That's how much we love it!

French Kiss Trailer

You have to watch this movie!!

13. Harry Connick Jr. Many of you know how much I love Harry. I have listened to his music since I was, I think, 12 years old. Seriously. I own every one of his CDs. I absolutely love him. He is fabulous. He is an amazingly talented musician. His voice...swoon...just listen to him. You'll know what I mean. This is a song from one of my favorite CDs of his growing up.

"(I Could Only) Whisper Your Name"

14. Dr. Phil: I DVR Dr. Phil. I love his show. Bjorn hates it. He lets me watch it. I let him watch The Walking Dead. Bleck.

15. Hitting my sister in the face. It's really just a love-tap! We have this running gag where we make each other look at something and then we lightly smack each other in the face. We get each other good sometimes.

At the Cincinnati Reds game

I love my sissy!

16. The feel, smell, and light in Anthropologie

17. Jag's Bloody Marys. I couldn't find a picture, but they put a huge cocktail shrimp, pickled green beans, a dill pickle, and a blue cheese stuffed olive. They are soooo good (and dangerous)!

18. Learning new languages. I just learned how to say, "Open sesame!" in Japanese. "Hirake goma!"

19. Grammar! I love grammar. Yes, I am a grammar nerd. I love being a grammar nerd. Do you feel me, Miss Sheets?

20. Heeled Mary Janes. So adorable.

21. UC Bearcats and Cincinnati Reds--total Cincinnati girl, born and raised.

22. Salsa dancing

23. Cookie Butter. My favorite is from Trader Joe's--creamy, not crunchy.

24. White Tigers. I did a serious science report about them in 5th grade.

25. Spoken word: poetry. Here is a link to my favorite YouTube channel that features spoken word poetry. Button Poetry

26. Punny jokes (I am a linguist!)


27. War movies and Historically-Based Movies. I love Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, We Were Soldiers, Das Boot, Black Hawk Down, Schindler's List, Amistad, Argo, Series: Band of Brothers, The Great Escape, Inglorious Bastards, Apollo 13, Europa Europa, Master and Commander, To Kill a Mockingbird, to name a few :)

28. Fascinators. If I could get away with wearing one every day, I might! I mean, I don't know why I couldn't, but I don't know if it's really practical!

To see this pin on my Pinterest board, click here.

29. Going to crafting classes

30. Singing in the Rain (Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds) and Royal Wedding (Fred Astaire and Jane Powell). I love old movies!

31. Wine

32. Going to Concerts

There are 32 things that make me happy. What are your favorite things in life that make you happy? Was there anything on my list that surprised you?

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Love and happiness <3 Holly

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