Sunday, April 6, 2014

So This is My Life


Today I'm posting my first April post of the 2014 Blogger Challenge! 

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Our first post for this month is a day or week in pictures. Since I never take enough pictures in one day to show you what a typical "day in my life" is like, here are some pics from the last week in my life. Here's a look at some things I did:

Since my sister, Rachael, is in the process of buying a house, we have been regulars at Home Goods.

We have too much fun together

I stopped to smell some flowers. They smelled a little fake.

I picked up this cute Queen Bee wine glass for my mom. We have a running joke with her that she's the "Queen Bee" because she has this Pandora bead that is seriously a bee with a crown!

I found this awesome sign that I plan on hanging in my bedroom? I don't know. I want to see it every morning when I wake up.

After touring some houses and doing some shopping, we hit up Panera. Rachael looked back over all the houses we visited.

We decided to get Mama's Rockin' Ritas at Chuy's in Kenwood. They are awesome! While we drank, we watched the UConn game and made a pro and con list about her favorite house. Rachael made an offer on it, and it was accepted! Yay! If the inspection goes well, she'll be a very close neighbor of mine! Yipee!

Did you know at Chuy's that you can top your Margarita with a floater? What the...?

On Opening Day, Bjorn and I took advantage of a free Skyline cheese coney for dinner! I haven't had Skyline in forever!

I had a super bad headache on last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I got it to go away and then it would come back. I had it for three days straight! It was awful! This is Thor sitting under my shirt while I sit with my heating pad on my neck. Do do see his little Chihuahua nose? And yes, I have a naked lady in my dining room. Thank you, Jessica! I love her :) She's never going anywhere!!!

Bjorn and I then ended up catching up on some Comic Book Men. I love that show!!

Had to put this one in! Too cute, Thor!

On Thursday and Friday, I took personal days to hang out with Bjorn on his spring break. But he got a really bad stomach bug :( While he slept, I got my hairs did.

And then I ate lunch by myself at Panera!! I never do that! Me-1 OCD/anxiety-0
Go me!!

I also did a little thrifting. I got some cool stuff! Here are a few things that I picked up:

It was half off day at one of the thrift stores that I went to. At another one, I found some great deals on books: 29 cents, 49 cents, 69 cents (which was like a half off day!). And I also found a cute maroon purse for 49 cents. Total for this plus the two shirts below and a lazy susan not picture = $7.71!

1. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on CD $1.
2. Still Foolin' Em by Billy Crystal $1
3. Carol Burnett's autobiography .50 cents
4. Imperfect Presidents .69 cents
5. Stiff .50 cents
6. Russian Cooking .25 cents
7. Three Cups of Tea .25 cents
8. The Angels Trilogy by Lurlene McDaniel .29 cents
9. Found by Maragret Peterson Haddix .49 cents

Button down Bongo top with lace detail $1

Vintage Top $1

I ordered this thrifted dress from Katie at Thirft Your Heart Out. Isn't it super cute? She's a blogger, a vlogger, and now has an Instagram store where she sells some of her thrifted finds. I've followed her blog and her YouTube channel for awhile. I can't wait to get this dress in the mail! It was a steal at $11.25!

I also mailed my SLANTbox from March to Maja! You can read about the SLANTbox exchange here on Jameson's blog. It's so fun! I can't wait until she gets it on Monday!! I got mine from her on Friday, and it was awesome! I loved getting to know her! She is such a fabulous person, and we have a lot in common! I am going to share my box on the blog soon!

That was pretty much bits and pieces of my last week in a nutshell :) Happy Sunday!

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Love and happiness <3 Holly


  1. What a productive week, bummer you had such a bad headache.

    1. Why thanks, Eli! I'm feeling much better now! Headaches are big time bummers!


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