Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tried it Tuesday

I've tried some new, fun things this past week that I've really enjoyed. Some of them have helped me in different ways and some of them have just been fun, happy finds! I was lucky too that I've really liked the things that I've tried this week. Here they are...


Lush Lip Scrub

I am really liking Lush's Mint Julip lip scrub. My lips tend to get dry in the winter, so I have been using this a few days each week to make them smoother. You just need a teeny, tiny bit of this to rub on your lips. It feels very refreshing. You rub it back and forth until you feel like your lips are refreshed and smoother. Then you can wipe it off with some water. No worries  if you get some in your mouth; it's all natural, edible, and tastes delish! I definitely love this flavor and scent much better than the bubble gum one that was there. Bubblegum must not be my flavor!

Lush Lip Balm

After I scrub my lips, I put on Lush's lip service lip balm. I had never tried either of these products before, but I love them! This balm is so moisturizing! It's really creamy and makes my lips feel really smooth and silky. Sometimes I rub a little bit on my cuticles too!

Tervis Tumbler

I recently got one of these Tervis tumblers from my sister-in-law for Christmas. Mine is the 24 ounce version below with the hard lid, but it has the Miami University Redhawk logo from the second picture. I love this cup! It keeps liquids cold and warm for a really long time, and it's great to take to work! Sometimes I'll take hot tea in it in the morning  and it will stay warm until about lunchtime, or I'll just take ice water and it stays cold about the same amount of time. They sell them at Bed Bath and Beyond. My hubby got a Steelers one for Christmas. They have all kinds of logos on them.

Eye Cream

My sister and I have been on the hunt for a great under eye cream/moisturizer forever. We used to use a Soap and Glory eye moisturizer when it was sold at Target, but I can't even find it online anymore. We loved that moisturizer. I started using this moisturizer from Botanics last week. So far I really like it. It goes on nicely and doesn't burn when I put in on. You know how some undereye creams just feel awful when you put them on? I hate that! If they do that, I take them back! There is no way I'm going to put stuff on my face that feels like it's burning my skin off! This one promises to smooth fine lines, hydrate your skin, and brighten dark circles. We'll see what happens!

Healing Lotion/Ointment

I again must have come into contact with some kind of aloe. The skin on my hands broke out in allergy bumps and became so dry that it had cracked open in many places. I just couldn't get it to heal. I took a chance on the travel sized version of this lotion. It has no parabens, fragrance, dyes, or lanolin, among other things, so I thought it would most likely not bother my sensitive skin. I have been using it for two days, and I love it! It is an ointment formula, so the moisture stays in my skin. My skin is not yet completely healed, but it's almost there! I am going to buy a full sized version of this one at Target!


New Restaurant

I have never been to Dilly Deli in Mariemont. I don't know why; I have passed it 
50, 000 times (give or take a few). Last weekend, I asked Rachael and Bjorn if they wanted to go there for dinner. It was a 40 minute wait for a table, so we found seats at the bar. It was so fun! The atmosphere is very relaxed. The food is delicious, and we had great drinks! I ate a striped sea bass special with snap peas and Asian noodles. Bjorn had a ribeye steak with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. Rachael had blue cheese pasta. We split an appetizer of burrata. It's a mozzarella appetizer, where the outside shell is solid, fresh mozzarella and the inside is a creamy center of cream and mozzarella combined. You eat it on top of crostini. It was divine!


I really like hard cider. Lately, I've been trying some new types of cider. When I went to Dilly Deli, I had a blueberry cider (delicious!). I also tried Fox Barrel's Blackberry and Pear cider that I found at Kroger. The problem with cider is that I sometimes feel guilty when I drink it. It's not like having one small glass of wine or one beer. Sometimes they can have upwards of 200+ calories in one glass (so forget having more than one!). And sometimes they can be super sweet too! I'm not a fan of the supersweet ciders either. But I really like Fox Barrel's cider. The blackberry and pear flavors are refreshing, it's has no added sugars, colors, or preservatives, and it's gluten-free. It also has 130 calories in one bottle, so I don't feel guilty about drinking it! A six-pack at Kroger is $7.99. 

Big Ice Cubes

Bjorn has been wanting to try these big, silicone ice cube trays for awhile. He wanted to use them in bourbon. They are supposed to melt slower so that your drink doesn't get watered down as quickly as with normal ice cubes. You can buy the trays at Williams Sonoma for $8.00 or 2/$15.00. I was sure I could find a better deal. 

One Friday night after Zumba, Rachael and I went to TJ Max and found them on SALE for $3.00!!! I bought Bjorn two trays, so he could test out whether he liked them or not. The only negative reviews that I've seen online are that people think the ice cubes taste funny because of the silicone trays. So far, we haven't noticed that. Bjorn loves them! I tested them out in some Bourbon last night. They work very well! :)

Have you tried anything new that you liked or didn't like this week?

Happy Tuesday!

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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