Friday, January 3, 2014

A Little Five Minute Friday

For today's Five Minute Friday, I used a prompt from my book The Daily Spark: Poetry

I've really been enjoying the prompts in this book. Here's the one I picked for today from page 162:

"Think about a time you felt out of place socially. Do you think you felt
uncomfortable because of the way someone was treating you,
or was it just because you were self-conscious?

Write a poem about how it feels to be an outsider."

This poem doesn't particularly relate to my life in a specific way, but I did feel very out of place socially when I was younger, especially from grades 3-9. I did have a lot of social anxiety at school. I was so quiet. People always said that about me. Some days, I remember not talking the whole day, except at lunch to a few close friends, to ask to go to the bathroom, or if I was called on by my teacher. A few years were easier than others (like 5th and 6th grade) because I had some AMAZING teachers!! But overall, I was just a shy and anxious kid.

I wrote this poem just based on the feelings someone might have as an outsider in a social situation. 

I think this is so true about feeling like an outsider. There may be hundreds of people around, but you always feel alone. 

I used the fluer de lis in my poem. 

Here is my poem:


Long, magnificent strips of chartreuse fleurs de lis
vertically line the perimeter of the room.
Do you see with what delicacy the design was
stenciled onto the smooth, silky material?
How long it must have taken for someone to line them all up
and paste them just so?
How ironic that I am the one standing here
with my seams ripped wide open and my flaws pouring out for all to see.
Everyone knows I’m here,
but acknowledging my presence would be the end.
The death of their social hierarchy.
I am not one to make a scene,
but sometimes I wish I would.
Maybe I’ll scream at the top of my lungs,
“I’m here! I’m right here! I should be treated like royalty! I deserve to be. Look at me, please!”
But for now, I will stand here next to my beautiful Frenchwomen,
and think on it a bit.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll find my voice.

Thanks for reading!!

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Let me know if you write a 5 Minute Poem!! I'd LOVE to read it!

Love and happiness <3 Holly

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